Experiences of pianists:

Jan Vayne
Jan Vayne in the TV-program Podium Witteman January 25th:
“Each tone has its own characteristics, that I miss in the equal temperament. The Divine 9 tuning does something with people. And it inspires me as a musician. Much more than the flat, equal temperament tuning”.

Jan Vayne in the interview with Dutch national newspaper ‘De Volkskrant (Dutch only)”:
“There is an enormous attraction in this tuning. I cannot describe this. No, it is not like a wild animal that I want to tame. I want to get to know it.”

Vayne says that he is drawn to the Fazioli, he must play on it. It has changed the way he plays; quieter more silent – literally.

“I love to play but always experienced difficulty giving concerts. Because I thought the audience wanted something from me. I had the tendency to please. I thought: I will really go for it, that they’ll like”. With Kramer’s tuning that feeling disappeared. With that the slight aversion of performances vanished as well. Even better, Vayne wants to put as many people as possible in contact with this new tuning.

Juan Pablo Dobal
At December 26th 2014 Dobal played for the First time a Divine 9 tuned pianoforte. In this video fragment he plays Adios Noniño by Astor Piazzolla. Suddenly Juan stops halfway the play and says: “Sometimes this pianoforte sounds so strange that it is magical!”.

Jeroen van Veen
Masterpianist / composer Jeroen van Veen plays his own composition MP 48 on the Fazioli 228. Recorded at the Beauforthuis on December 7th 2014 during the composerday. He played and researched the possibilities of this new tuning via own Minimal Preludes and existing compositions of among others Chopin, Einaudi, Glass, Ten Holt and Pärt.

Jeroen Van Veen 01 Minimal Prelude 48 on D9 piano
Jeroen van Veen live on Fazioli in D9, Canto Ostinato December 27 2014, Beauforthuis
Jeroen van Veen live on Fazioli in D9, concert December 27 2014, Beauforthuis

Experience of visitors:

“I had the feeling that the things I experienced all vanished”.

“You are just sitting here and there is only this space, you loose both time and your worries. So beautiful”.

“The tuning was very pure”.

“Quite emotional I must say. I have never sat down with my eyes closed for 1.5 hours. A colourscheme you never encounter”.

“It felt as if I meditated for the entire day”.

“The energy flew through the space, the Music connecting me (again) with me and with all humans and souls”.

“Divine 9 music has a full and deep sound. The vibration is tuned on the vibes of your body and enters your body cells easily. It sounded that logic that this is the way music should be.”

“It brought me in a trance through which I could experience unity”.

“I heard tones that weren’t even played, as if a large orchestra was playing. I could listen for hours and still heard it next day.”

“It resonated deep within every cell of my body.”

“There was a divine interaction between the piano, the pianist and the audience.”

“There was a general sense that Divine 9 music could play a role in healing processes, mediation, peace making, group coaching, and other transformational processes.” 

“This Music opens a space for the letting go of old structures so that a new space can come into reality.”

“We were in company with many more souls than the 150 invited ones.”

Helena Frijsteen: “The new tuning of Divine 9 is an inspiring sound. Music is something I would never want to miss yet I have experienced music in this tuning as inspiring. You become affected immediately,, the sound enters deeply within and takes you to wherever you want to be in your thoughts. It is known that music does something to a human, but the availability of this way is an enrichment for the musical world and for every human. Music brings solidarity, peace, joy, a tear but heals as well mental wounds that need healing. The style of the music is of course personally for everyone yet the new sound fits in every genre allowing for everyone’s preference to be experienced as inspiring. This new tuning brings that much to a human that I can only say, go and experience it. Enjoy listening.”

Cas Gebbink: “I was entrained by the sounds and composition in an atmosphere of one-being as I remained completely in connection with myself. It sounds weird but it felt as if the musical experience did not only come to me horizontally in sound but as well at the same time took me vertically in connection with something much larger. As if a field of connection became visible between all attendees.”

Gerardo: “The music again connected me with experiences of which I forgot they existed.”

Connie: “I came in a total silence and then became very happy.”

“A very intense concert. At the first tones I became emotional. The tears came and my entire body reacted very strongly. The first 7 quarters I could hardly sit still, my feet and legs were caught by the rhythm, my hands cramped. It felt as an inner battle in the darkness against all negativity in my system, all panic, despair and agony resulting from my (…left out for privacy reasons). Suddenly it became light, the music became subtle, transparent and the tone height increased. Within me everything became light, quiet and peaceful. My consciousness came into a state of trust, acceptance and self love. A very impressive and healing experience. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Rood Adeo: “After the concert I could extensively get acquainted with the D9 tuning; relaxing and logic in a certain way… My left ear often faces difficulty with higher D-F# intervals yet on the D9 Fazioli totally not, what a respite. It brings an enormous tranquility, and an obviousness, truly tremendous!!”

“What a beautiful and special concert last Firday. I heard “the Canto” several times in various ways but this was one of the most beautiful ones. Especially because of the specially tuned grand piano

“Wow what a fabulous performance, it still vibrates in all my cells! And all of that in that beautiful church, sunlit, that was truly divine.”

“You didn’t overdo, it was marvelous. This music of Simeon ten Holt, the atmosphere, the church, Very special. Much thinking done in those 2 hours surrounded by beautiful Fazioli music. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I had an impressive and transforming experience. Great!!”.

“Thank you again for this beautiful experience. It does pay off to open up for strangers J

“I would like to thank you and of course the pianists for the beautiful experience on such a beautiful location. It was a healing journey! What I noticed especially was the effect of the silence after the play. Two hours on the cadence of the music guided to an inner silence and when the music stops there is a sudden collective focus on the all encompassing silence. Wow, magical! I would have loved to experience this moment for several more minutes. As isn’t it this silence what it’s all about, in which the energy of Being is sensed in an optimal way? As for me it is J. Spoken words afterwards are not needed, all is said and written on the card in the envelope (well done!) How great would it be to experience this silence and inner movement for as long as possible and to break through this silence in one’s own moment. Thank you again that you were able to realize this afternoon. A gift J”  

“My partner and I look back to the introduction with Divine 9 Music with surprise and enthusiasm. Especially the performance of (part of) the Canto Ostinato has made a big impression. We would like to remain noted of your endeavor to have this work performed completely. We herewith sign in as dedicated listeners. Great to notice that the inspiration finds a way audible to ‘the world’ in this way, mainstream…”

”I knew that the tones during this concert would vibrate at divine frequencies. So when the opportunity arose to lie under the concert grand I did in order for the vibration to permeate even better. And that was indeed divine! Not only the music but as well the experience. I was taken to the here and now, back to myself. Emotions came, joy, the experience of unification, as if my body stopped having broders.. The day after I felt more connected with everything and everyone, more in the here and now. This is definitely recommended! And if you have the opportunity, then crawl under that beautiful concert grand J.”

“I experienced the Canto Ostinato as a very special concert – your description ‘deafening silence’ indeed matches. The music – at times some and tempting and at times fierce and overwhelming was accepted by me in …. Silence! So indeed, this music does something to you and I can still feel it working through. As if I have been in two hours of some kind of meditation that balanced my left and right side of the brain for a while! Thanks to Eric and Zwaan for their beautiful teamwork and to Gert, Gijs and Boudewijn for the organization. This is definitely not the last time that I will attend a Divine 9 Music concert!”

“We were happy that we have experience this event [try-out at January 4th 2013]. The content side is interesting: beginning of the 90’s we intensely got acquainted with Sacred Geometry and we see a clear link tot this Divine 9 development. We would love to stay informed! The improvisations we found quite amusing, nice, but we were truly moved by the fragment of the Canto Ostinato. Whether it is possible or not, the full 4 hours in this tuning seems to me a transforming experience!”

“I attended the Live concert with my partner. We were both deeply moved by the variety of piano pieces played on the Divine 9 tuned piano. We were able to clearly distinguish the sounds and vibrations coming for a regularly tuned Grand Piano and the Divine 9 Grand Piano. My partner described it as the comparison between a beautiful spiraling sinus wave and a squarely hooked block wave. The difference was truly profound. The group was clearly deeply moved and very touched”.

“We enjoyed the Divine 9 Music at January 4th. The next morning I had one word in my mind, which was: reprogramming. A few hours later after meditation, more was explained. Reprogramming of our cells, by music! The body has been given another vibration. The cells are arranged in a different way. The new has entered and removed the old. All this happened unconsciously. We wish you a great musical 2013 with and in unconditional love”.