Divine 9 Music frequencies

It is important to recognize that the so long used circle of fifths doesn’t stand at the basis of the Divine 9 tuning. The ratios between the various tones are a consequence of the choices of the frequencies. It is not alike with the equal temperament that one tone (most often the A) is leading and the others are derived from this tone. There is one formula that calculates all tones. This formula is 2^p x 3^q x 5^r x 7^s in which p, q, r and s are integers. This formula stands, as is believed, among others at the basis of cosmic cycles like the hundred years of Brahma, the Nineveh constant and the Platonic year known as well as a precession circle. By giving p a positive and negative number the perfect doubling and halving is created that is needed to derive the octaves from the basis octave (the symbol ^ stands for ‘to the power’ and 2 to the power -1 equals a ½).

More overtones exists when there is a better interference between the individual tones ergo through a better group dynamics a sound comes into creation that is experienced as bright, full and round and that enters easily because of its neutrality. The ratio between any randomly chosen combination of tones always provides for both numerator and denominator a whole number ergo there can always be found a common overtone. This means that there is always a perfect tuning.

The choice of the source numbers, the numbers 1 to 9 determines the ‘energetic color’ of the paint. With this principle the timbre is created that realizes a certain sphere. Compare this with painting on a canvas where you can use as well various colors. The neutrality of the number 9 facilitates that everyone can look at his own story, his own timbre using a neutral and therewith very bright reflection. The 9 is colorless otherwise there would be emotions but does contains all colors within. From your Core you can watch without emotions what you like and dislike in your story after which you can, if you want, change your coloring.

A tuning can therefore be constructed to facilitate a certain purpose ergo ‘atmosphere is creatable’.

The following frequencies are used to create the Divine 9 Music tuning on a concert grand Fazioli 308 at Evert Snel in Werkhoven, the Netherlands.

A: 213.57421875         (2+1+3+5+7+4+2+1+8+7+5 = 45 => 4+5 = 9)

A#: 227.8125             (2+2+7+8+1+2+5 = 27 => 2+7 = 9)

B: 240.325927734375   (2+4+0+3+2+5+9+2+7+7+3+4+3+7+5 = 63 => 6+3 = 9)

C: 253.125                 (2+5+3+1+2+5 = 18 => 1+8 = 9

C#: 270.000               etcetera

D: 284.765625

D#: 303.7500

E: 321.865081787109 (and some more numbers)

F: 341.71875

F#: 360.000

G: 379.6875

G#: 405.000

A: 427.1484375

Danilo Cosucci, pianotuner and composer has spent much time and energy in the realization of this beautiful tuning from theory into practice. We are very grateful for this. Jan Boumans, having 60 years experience as well known piano teacher at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, joined later and played some beautiful famous compositions in this tuning. You can listen to these on our YouTube page.

Would you like to tune your piano in Divine 9?

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