Divine 9 is a new musical tuning based on the order and balancing principles in Nature.

Spiraling shapes are found everywhere in Nature. Nothing is linear.
An alternative for the equal temperament tuning. Read more about the why and how and calculate to see this order and balance for yourself.
Divine 9 Music in the media


On the Divine 9 tuned concert grand Fazioli 308 (the largest in the world)

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Experiences visitors Divine 9 concerts

The Divine 9 music in general is experienced as full, soft, round, bright, deeply moving and connecting.

“You sit here and the is only this space, you loose your track of time and your worries. So beautiful”.

“The tuning was very pure”.

Jan Vayne in the TV-program Podium Witteman January 25th:
“Each tone has its own characteristics, that I miss in the equal temperament. The Divine 9 tuning does something with people. And it inspires me as a musician. Much more than the flat, equal temperament tuning”.

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Another sound, another world

We would like to offer a number and instinctive based foundation for the creation of a new reality, a new world. A world in which Human lives in balance with Nature and in peace with one another. In which we realize that everything is connected with each other and where at the same time the conditions allow for each individual’s uniqueness. In which pluralism and ‘being different’ are seen as a strength rather than a threat.

A new sound, audible light, tuned in the key number behind the order in Nature; the 9. The number of the silence, the eye of the hurricane, the vibration of neutrality in which Human is able from its Core to observe himself and the world with a micro- and metaview. To create a neutral facilitative atmosphere in which everyone accepts him-/herself as he/she is right NOW. With acceptance of the here and now, if desired, one can start the process to get to other perceptions and other behavior.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”.
– Albert Einstein

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.
–Nikola Tesla

“If an angel were to tell us about his philosophy, many of his statements may well sound like 2 x 2 = 13”.
– Georg Christophe Lichtenberg, Alphorisms

Nature and number theory show balance and cooperation

In the investigation carried out by dr. jan Boeyens and dr. Francis Thackeray in South Africa Journal of Science: ‘Number Theory and the Unity of Science (2 pages) it is explained how the Golden Mean possibly determines how things in the universe come into shape. The number is not only mathematical but as well returns in physics, chemistry, biology and the ‘space-time typology’.

In Nature you find everywhere (development in) spiral shapes. Like the nautilus shell, the hurricane, the sunflower, the gushing away of water in a sink etc. This creation principle and this blueprint in Nature is know by many as phi, the Golden Mean (1,618033) or he Fibonacci sequence. Number based: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 etcetera. These same numbers showed up when Pythagoras found the harmonic (pure) tones in music by dividing a string and determining the ratio between the two parts.

As well in Nature this is present in all manifestations. See the movie “Nature by Numbers” next to this text (movie nr. 1 in playlist). By using another number system, numeric mathematics with a 9-based system, Gert Kramer applies the same philosophy as was used in ancient times as starting point. The 9 plays herein a key role.

Do you know ‘cymatics’? Shape/matter change when using another frequency. Watch the movie (nr. 2 in playlist). John Lennon apparently suspected with the number ‘Revolution 9’ (movie nr. 3 in playlist) that the number 9 in combination with sound would support an evolution. Prince as well wrote a number in which the number 9 plays the lead: Love 2 the 9’s. Beethoven did not coincidently compose 9 symphonies in which he indicates in the last one that Mankind will eventually realize Unity: “Alle Menschen werden Brüder”.

Divine 9 frequencies and how they are determined

The Cosmic Philosophy of unity and balance behind Divine 9

There is a very ancient way of thinking and philosophy that once stood at the basis of many refined societies on this earth in different times and on different existing and lost continents. This perspective on both the entire Cosmos as well as on the smallest visible was once known as the Hermetic Philosophy. It is this – on the omnipresent spiral shape based –  philosophy that stands at the basis of the Divine 9 tuning.

In the  – according to ancient number theory – rewritten number based growth pattern of the spiral shape, known as the Fibonacci sequence, we see a perfect order and balance and the neutrality of the number 9. Read more, do the calculations and see for yourself. In the Enneagram number 9 stands  for the mediator who can only execute his role well if he is 100% neutral to all parties. To understand why the spiral is cosmically the creation shape that is omnipresent answers among others the question why:

  • The Egypt Thoth (derived from Tehuti, meaning ‘he who balances’), messenger of the Gods and founder of the philosophy of Maat, has the mystic number 52;
  • God is known as number 999 (and the devil the number 666);
  • There are 24 thrones surrounding the Central Throne in the biblical book of Revelations;
  • Allah has 99 and Adonai 72 names;
  • Chinese wise Dragons are composed of 9 anumals and have exactly 117 scales;
  • And why many other numbers were chosen in ancient and existing philosophies, religions, mythologies and mystic stories.
  • What if Balance, Unity and Immortality are key words that our ancesators from wherever in this beautiful world wanted to give us in their many stories? What if there is One Cosmic Creation Principle that can be found in everything both in shape as in growth processes? Is this the so much sought for Unity in the Multiplicity? Is this the Source Code for which so many wars have been fought? Is this the Holy Grail that makes us understand once again our connectedness and immortality? Is this the Key of Life that results in such a deep appreciation of All Life that all kind of currently made choices will no longer be considered? Will Human finally remember that he is as well a Creator? Will this Cosmic Human then as well resume its responsibilities for its creations? Does this Key allow us to alter current group dynamics in this world?

I welcome you in my world; a world of connectedness, a world of peace and abundance for all. Gert Kramer

Pillar of Life met tekst

Team Divine 9 Music

Gert KramerGert

Creator of the Divine 9 Tuning, philosopher, inspirer and bridge builder.

Mission: to offer an alternative viewpoint that can create the foundation for another reality.

Astrologically he is a double lion. In 1996 he graduated at Shell as Civil Engineer at Delft University of Technology. Thereafter he worked as a management consultant and later as entrepreneur. He is father of three children. Because of the continuing unbalance and disharmony that he feels within himself and in the world in general, he starts his quest in 2009.

He recognizes, through application of the ancient nine based number system, the underlying perfect balance and order in the Fibonacci sequence; a mathematical definition of the spiral shape that stands centrally in all cosmic processes. His research connects him with many worldwide spiritual and scientific perspectives in civilizations throughout time. Here he continuously finds number and symbol based references to this One Cosmic Creative Principle.

Hermetic Principles
Other assumptions result in another perspective with as result another reality. The application of the Cosmic Key of the nine based system in combination with Maät, the Cosmic Balance, results in the revelation of ‘Unity in Multiplicity’ and the ‘Order in the Chaos’. With this Gert enters a fundamental philosophic-spiritual-scientific playfield that in ancient times was known as the Hermetic Principles.

Prime numbers
When Gert using this same perspective proves that there is order in the distribution of primes over the natural numbers, the importance of the nine based system as key to reveal cosmic order is definitely shown.

Mascha van der Graaffpasfoto

Mission: connecting people with themselves and others.

  • I organize Divine 9 Music together with Gert Kramer. This is a new tuning that creates a neutral, facilitative atmosphere where you can fully enjoy the moment. Accepting everything that’s on your mind and gaining new insights and perceptions in order to make new choices.
  • I connect people’s consciousness with their unconscious behavorial patterns. As within, so without. I work with a quantum scan device (based on quantum physics and epigenetics) that helps to quickly understand the unconscious. You’ll see on a laptop screen where your energy is out of balance and learn how to reduce and prevent stress, empower yourself and stay in flow. Read more on www.deepsimpledive.com (sorry, Dutch only for now, I’m working on the English translation)

Partners and ambassadors

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Mascha van der Graaff
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Divine 9 Music is an initiative of Dragon 9

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Books about the discoveries out of which Divine 9 was created

If I could do magic… Buy this book

Foreword by Frans van der Reep:
“Gert has made an effort to make the essence of Numeric, Pythagoric Mathematics and the fundamentals of the Hermeneutical Principles including the insight on ‘Creation’ as based on these Principles available to us in the Western World at this moment in time. With this, much like Peter Kingsley does with archaeology; he puts us back on the trail of our Shamanic cultural roots from the Ancient World. He connects the rationality of the Western World with the forgotten creative numerical structures around the number ‘9’ which show us an internal logic of great beauty.

Gert shares with us a variety of interesting observations with us which can be made visible by using the viewpoint of Numeric Mathematics. I see that as a real merit. Naturally the next step is to form a theory but that’s certainly something we can look forward to in the future. From what I consider to be a completely different World, Gert Kramer reveals clear, creative algorithms and shows connections of which I was not conscious of before.

Through this he heals the Creation within my Consciousness: where I thought that there was multiplicity there seems to be Oneness, where I thought there was coincidence and fragmentation, there appears to be a bright intention operating and a clear number based supporting structure.

I invite you to see Gert Kramer as the Dutch Douglas Hofstadter, best known for the book Gödel, Escher, Bach. He has made the effort to take us mere mortals to a higher level of regularities as well. I believe that is Gert’s intention. And that is also the enchanting thing about it. He enchants and reveals the magic to us that takes place all around us every day. He puts glasses on us that bring us back in the state of the astonished child who is open to see and be taught truly new things. He appeals to the soft nostalgia of the Origin, your Origin. Whether you like that feeling or not is obviously your choice.

This book will, as it did for me half a year ago, initiate you as reader in the Numeric Mathematics and the beauty of numbers. I invite you to join this adventure”.

Frans van der Reep, Rotterdam, April 2011

Paradise on Earth – Could it Be? Buy this book

Ever wondered why you are here on this Planet? Ever wondered why sometimes everything seems to be that logic and structured while at other times a complete chaos?  Ever wondered if there is more between Heaven and Earth than your eyes can see? Paradise on Earth – Could it Be? shows you the Beauty of Life throughout the Universe when you look at it from a bit different perspective.

Why Dragons have 117 Scales – Revealing the Fingerprints of God behind All Universal Growth  Buy this book

Why do Dragons have 117 Scales? Why not 120 or 167 or any other number? What is that special about this number that the Scales of this Creature who was known for Its Wisdom, Wisdom coming from the Sky, Wisdom once shared with Mankind, was given this specific number.

cover If I could do Magic














Why Dragons have 117 Scales Cover

Lectures, consulting and art

Nothing is linear in Nature. Yet our society and systems are mostly organized in a linear way. Based on a frame of reference consisting of a set of (implicit and explicit) assumptions. One of those assumptions is the use of the decimal numeral system (10-based). Assumptions can result in a certain blindness. What do we see when we use another ‘key’, another numeral system? Why do we see spirals everywhere?

Gert is able to demonstrate from a meta-view why we see spirals in nature and ancient art. In-spiration. The true beauty of mathematics and the connection with Nature, Hermetic principles and -philosophy, spirituality, unity in multiplicity. From competitive dualism to cooperative trinity. From ‘versus’ to ‘and’. Gert uses exact science, mathematics/number theory to explain the unity and perfect harmony in Nature and to make all of this very tangible.

Frans van der Reep (senior strategist KPN IT Solutions): “I invite you to see Gert Kramer as the Dutch Douglas Hofstadter, best known for the book Gödel, Escher, Bach. He has made the effort to take us mere mortals to a higher level of regularities as well”.

By reviewing our principles and assumptions from cosmic principles we can reduce the unbalance and resistance. Gert inspires and loves to think with you. Please find more information on www.dragon9.eu and contact us.

Dragon 9’s current activities:

  • Discussions with individuals, lectures and workshops:
    Entrepreneurs, consultants, scientists and artists, Change Club, Club of Budapest
  • Divine 9 Music, new music tuning (www.divine9music.com):
    Piano concerts, CD-recording and distribution with pianist Jan Vayne
  • Pillar of Life Crowdfunding:
    The distribution of these insights all over the world to create a new foundation for a refined and balanced world
  • KWR Watercycle Research Center:
    Preparation for a positioning paper about the usage of the spiralling shape in waterworks, water drainage and sewage systems

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